How can you use Azure Data Lake?

Jun 13, 2023

With an Innovative team at DLytica, we work on converting your Data Strategies to Solutions. We leverage a team of skilled Data Architects, Data Engineers, Web developers, Data Scientists, Analysts, and Project Managers to produce robust, scalable, and resilient solutions powered by AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure.

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One of the Success Story of Dlytica Inc on Azure SQL

Problem Statement:

With initial data as CSV which updates itself hourly and daily, each dataset should be inserted into the Azure database where updates comes in email. How can Microsoft service be leverage to get the solution assuming trigger point of new folder or subfolder added to load with pre defined table template.

Proposed Architecture:

Azure Solution for given problem statement

Above is the High-level Dataflow for extracting CSV files from Email to SQL server.

1. Initial step is to Use Logic Apps to connect to Mailbox and extract the attachments to Azure Data Lake storage (ADLS). Once the file lands on to ADLS, Data Factory pipeline will trigger to load data to SQL server Tables.

2. We need to set up the storage event trigger on ADLS bucket so that as soon as file arrives, Azure data factory pipeline will be triggered. We can use Data Flow within Azure Data Factory to load the data to SQL Server tables.

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There are advantages of using Logic Apps over Power Automate:

1. Cost-effective: Logic Apps are more cost-effective than Power Automate, since it requires fewer resources to run.

2. Azure Integration: Logic Apps integrate seamlessly with Azure, providing access to features such as Azure Functions, Service Bus, and more.

3. Enterprise-grade security: Logic Apps offer enterprise-grade security with features such as role-based access control and encryption at rest.

Using Azure Data factory helps to build more complex Data transformations and helps to load multiple files folders parallel.

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