CMAP by Dlytica Inc.

Jun 13, 2023

What is CMAP?

One of the premium solution provided by Dlytica is Cloud Migration Acceleration program (CMAP).
Migrate to cloud with our support at every stage of your journey powered by AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Problems you might be facing?

High Capital expenditures to maintain the legacy environment?
Inability to respond quickly to its growing needs for analytics?
Lack of in-house skill sets to undertake a critical transformation?
Burden to maintain compliance?

CMAP Solution by Dlytica Inc.

CMAP Roadmap

First we identify the reasons.
Then we check for all the flaws in your current systems, specifically what are you migrating for?
Then we understand what is your end goal? Is it to reduce expenses, improve productivity, scalability? This will give a clear picture of your objective.
After that we choose tools depending on your cloud choice. Prioritize according to the organizational needs and goal.
Create a detailed migration plan and Architecture for every application that is a part of this process.
Upon complete confirmation of the tools, strategies, Architecture and Migration process you need to ensure that you turn off the older versions of the applications and operate them within Cloud.

Benefits and Results

What’s next?

Want to learn more.
We have number of solutions like CMAP.
1. Free Data Architecture Consultation
2. Pay as you go data resources
3. Robotic Process Automation
Visit our website and contact us today.

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