Do you know this about Dlytica Inc?

Jun 13, 2023

Who are we?

Company’s tagline : Drive your business with Data Analytics and AI with DLytica Inc.

With an Innovative team at DLytica, we work on converting your Data Strategies to Solutions. We leverage a team of skilled Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Analysts, and Project Managers to produce robust, scalable, and resilient solutions powered by AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Check 2 mins video on Introduction to Dlytica Inc from our Linkedin Page

We have offices in 3 different countries. Our main office is located in Toronto Canada. We are present in New York USA as well. Other offices are in London Ontario and Nepal.

Dlytica’s office in USA, Canada and Nepal


Here are the services by Dlytica Inc.

  1. Data Warehouse : One central repository view to marry multiple data sources.

2. Resource Augmentation : Your Scalable Recruitment Companion

3. Data Architecture : Blueprint and framework for your data management

4. Data and AI Trainings : Live and flexible timing trainings from Dlytica Expert Professional

5. Big Data Analytics and BI : Advanced predictive analytics and what-if analysis under one roof


Solutions provided by Dlytica Inc.
  1. Free Architecture Consultation : You can book 8 hours of free data architecture consultation with Dlytica’s professional experts.

2. Cloud Migration Acceleration Program

3. Customer360

4. Pay as you go Data Resources

and many more.

Trusted Clients

Our happy customers include IBM, Air Canada, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and many more.

Contact us today to learn how can Dlytica help you for your next step.

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