Customer Overview

Ooredoo operates across multiple countries, primarily in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Known for its commitment to innovation, Ooredoo provides cutting-edge telecommunication solutions and services to both businesses and individuals. 

Customer Problem:

Ooredoo faced several critical challenges: 

  • No centralized analytical platform to connect diverse data sources. 
  • Performance issues with the legacy relational database system. 
  • Repetitive and time-consuming processes for analytical reporting. 
  • Low-quality reports that lacked in-depth analysis and actionable insights.
  • Traditional reporting methods using Excel that took months for report generation. 
  • Existing infrastructure couldn’t efficiently handle increasing volumes of customer data, affecting report quality and system performance. 

Business Solution:

Solution - Data nature

Implemented a centralized data lake/warehouse to consolidate customer success data from various sources (CRM, surveys, social media).

Benefits - Data nature

Created a single source of truth, simplifying analytics and improving data integrity.

Features - Data nature
  • Low-code GUI-based platform for easy data management.
  • Advanced analytics with AI capabilities.
  • Robust security and compliance with data governance.
  • Real-time data processing for timely decision-making.
Solution - Ai360 studio

Integrated advanced reporting and analytics tools with template-based standardized reports and machine learning algorithms.

Benefits - Ai360 studio

Ensured high-quality, actionable reports, aiding data-driven decision-making.

Features - Ai360 studio
  • Accelerated AI and analytics use case development on top of customer 360 data.
  • Real-time hyper-personalized next best offers and actions.
  • AI-driven self-serve recipes for various predictive models.
  • Low-code/no-code GUI-based solution with native integration with third-party tools.

Business UseCases:

The DataNature and AI360 Studio solutions by DLytica Inc. were pivotal in transforming Ooredoo’s operations in key areas: 

  • Customer Service Optimization (30% Faster Response Times): Centralized customer data and real-time insights reduced response times by 30%, enhancing customer satisfaction by 20%. 
  • Network Performance Management (25% Reduction in Downtime): Consolidated network performance data and proactive monitoring cut network downtime by 25% and sped up issue resolution by 40%. 
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention (25% Reduction in Fraud Losses): Real-time fraud detection models decreased fraud-related financial losses by 25%, bolstering customer trust and security. 

Business Outcome:


Automated Risk Assessment

Implementing our new system has led to a quicker and more accurate assessment of loan eligibility and risk. This improvement has resulted in a significant 20% reduction in the time spent on manual risk assessments, enhancing both efficiency and precision in the loan approval process.


Real-Time Fraud Detection

The implementation has enabled the early identification of fraudulent activities. This improvement has led to a 25% reduction in fraud-related losses, significantly enhancing the security and reliability of our financial operations.


Customer Churn Prediction

The implementation has facilitated the identification of at-risk customers before they switch to a competitor. This proactive approach has led to a 12% reduction in the customer churn rate, helping us retain more customers and maintain a stable client base.


Automated Regulatory Compliance

The new system has resulted in reduced manpower and resources required for maintaining compliance. This enhancement has led to a notable 30% reduction in compliance-related operational costs, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.


Customer Segmentation and Personalized Offerings

The implementation has resulted in better targeting for loan products based on customer segments. This improvement has led to a 15% increase in loan product uptake due to more personalized offerings, ensuring that customers receive loan options that are tailored to their specific needs and profiles.

Tools and Services Used in the Product:

ImageAirbyte is an open-source platform that automates data extraction, transformation, and loading, enabling businesses to efficiently and scalablely replicate data from multiple sources to different destination
ImageApache Airflow is an open-source platform for scheduling and monitoring DAGs, automating and managing complex data pipelines, allowing users to define tasks, dependencies, and schedules.
ImageApache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform that enables high-throughput data integration and analytics by connecting data producers and consumers in real-time.
ImageMinio is an open-source, high-performance storage server that offers secure, scalable, and secure storage for unstructured data, making it ideal for cloud-native applications and large-scale data environments.
ImageApache Spark is an open-source framework for big data analytics, utilizing in-memory computing for efficient execution of complex workflows for batch and streaming analytics.
ImageApache Superset enhances data collaboration and exploration by providing a user-friendly interface for creating charts, dashboards, and interactive data applications using various data sources.
ImageTrino is a fast, scalable, and SQL-based tool for big data analytics, enabling interactive analytic queries against large datasets across multiple data sources.

The partnership between Ooredoo and DLytica Inc., marked by the deployment of DataNature and AI360 Studio, represents a significant milestone in the telecommunications industry. This collaboration has had a transformative impact on Ooredoo’s operations and decision-making processes, underscoring the pivotal role that data analytics plays in shaping the future of telecommunications institutions. The measurable results in profitability, efficiency, and compliance highlight the effectiveness of data-driven solutions and set a benchmark for future innovations in the industry. 

Key points to highlight about this partnership include: 

  • Transformational Impact: The introduction of Dlytica Inc’s Modern Data Analytics Platform has brought about a transformation within Ooredoo. It signifies a shift towards data-driven decision-making and operations, marking a new era in the company’s history. 
  • Addressing Challenges: The collaboration with Dlytica Inc is seen as a response to the unique challenges faced by Ooredoo. Data analytics has been instrumental in helping the company address these challenges effectively, whether it’s optimizing network performance, improving customer satisfaction, or ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. 
  • Measurable Results: One of the most notable aspects of this partnership is the delivery of measurable results. Ooredoo has witnessed tangible improvements in various aspects of its business, including profitability, operational efficiency, and compliance. These results serve as a testament to the effectiveness of data-driven solutions. 
  • Profitability: Data analytics has played a crucial role in identifying opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction. By leveraging data insights, Ooredoo has been able to make strategic decisions that positively impact its bottom line, potentially leading to increased profitability. 
  • Efficiency: The Modern Data Analytics Platform has likely enabled Ooredoo to streamline its operations. This efficiency gain not only saves time and resources but also enhances the overall customer experience by ensuring smoother and more reliable services. 
  • Compliance: In the highly regulated telecommunications industry, compliance with regulatory standards is paramount. Data analytics can help Ooredoo stay ahead of compliance requirements by providing real-time insights and facilitating proactive measures. 
  • Future Potential: This partnership serves as a testament to the potential of data-driven solutions in the telecommunications sector. It showcases how leveraging data analytics can lead to innovation, improved competitiveness, and a better overall customer experience. 

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