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Holistic Data Education

Join our data-focused courses on DLytica to gain a holistic understanding of the data realm, covering data analysis, data science, and data engineering. Master the techniques to extract insights, build predictive models, and optimize data pipelines.

Practical Project Emphasis

Immerse yourself in the world of data through hands-on projects in our courses. From analyzing real-world datasets to designing data-driven solutions, you'll cultivate practical skills that are crucial for success in data analysis, data science, and data engineering roles.

Why Dlytica Academy?

One of our core values is that we ‘never stop learning’! At Dlytica, we strongly believe in goal setting and self-reflection, encouraging all employees to grow as unique individuals. There is no better confidence boost than accomplishing the next steps we set in our development. We offer all employees plenty of tools to achieve and succeed in their future goals and objectives…

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Leading to AI

8 Lessons

Data Analyst

Become a Data Analyst with our course and turn raw data into meaningful insights! Our course teaches you the essential skills to clean, analyze, and visualize data, empowering you to drive informed decisions and strategies for any organization. Unlock a world of opportunities in the booming, data-driven industry with this comprehensive course.

Leading to AI

13 Lessons

Data Science

Data Scientist claimed the top spot as the most promising occupation in 2020, and this achievement aligns with its consistent ranking as the leading job on Glassdoor’s Best Jobs list for the preceding four years. Professionals working in this field have consistently highlighted the substantial demand for their skills, generous compensation packages, and remarkable job contentment.

Leading to AI

17 Lessons

Data Engineer

Become a Data Engineer and be the architect of data solutions! Our course prepares you to design, build, and manage sophisticated data pipelines, enabling organizations to harness the power of their data. Learn to work with cutting-edge technologies and cloud platforms, and set yourself on a path to a thriving career in the rapidly growing field of data engineering.

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Course Content: Basics of AI/Data Concepts

Live Tutor Training: 10 hours

Hands-on Exercises: 5 exercises

Quizzes: 3 quizzes

Certificate of Completion

Capstone Project: 1 project

Internship Opportunities

Course Content: In-depth AI/Data Learning

Live Tutor Training: 20 hours

Hands-on Exercises: 10 exercises

Quizzes: 5 quizzes

Capstone Project: 1 project

Certificate of Completion

Internship Opportunities

Course Content: Advanced AI/Data Techniques

Live Tutor Training: 30 hours

Hands-on Exercises: 15 exercises

Quizzes: 8 quizzes

Real-world Projects: 3 projects

Personalized Feedback on Projects

Certificate of Completion

Capstone Project: 1 project

Internship Opportunity

Mock Interview for professional

4 months internship